Mobile Phone Coverage

When visiting Winton, there are a number of ways to stay in touch. It is recommended that if you are travelling extensively throughout the Outback that you are equipped with a satellite phone and a UHF Radio. Once you travel west or south of Boulia, there is no mobile phone coverage at all, except via satellite.

Public Telephones

There are several public telephones available, coin or card operated. These are located just outside of the Post Office on Elderslie Street, on the corner of Manifold & Allen Street, and on the corner of Manuka and Chirnside Street.

Telstra 4GX Network

Please note that the only mobile network coverage that Winton receives is Telstra 4GX. Mobile devices that do not use the Telstra 4GX Network will not be able to make or receive any communications in Winton. The closest town to Winton that has access to the Telstra Network is Longreach, with no coverage on other networks. The Telstra 4GX network coverage is generally restricted to the area close to Winton town, with parts of the Landsborough Highway having minimal to no coverage on the Telstra 3G Network.

Telstra's Mobile Broadband is accessible via the Telstra 4GX Network in Winton.