Opalton is the home of Queensland’s spectacular boulder opal and is famous for the enormous quantity and quality of its opal. Nestled away 123 kilometres south-west of Winton, opals were first discovered here in 1888 and the first mine was worked in 1894. In 1899, the largest opal ever recorded was mined from Opalton. it was over 10 feet (3m) long and rumoured to be as thick as a man’s leg! By the end of the 19th century, Opalton was a bustling township. 

Now, Opalton is home to very few, with camping facilities set up at the Opalton bush park. Pack your swag and head out to try your luck fossicking for opals. You never know your luck!

The majority of the journey is on an unsealed road. Very basic supplies are available and there is no fuel in Opalton. Please ensure you are fully stocked prior to your departure from Winton and check the road conditions


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