Trails, Highways & Byways

Trails, Highways and Byways

Australia’s Dinosaur Trail

One hundred million years ago, parts of the Queensland Outback lay under ancient inland seas alive with marine reptiles, while prehistoric creatures roamed the land. Now you can follow Australia’s Dinosaur Trail linking Winton, Hughenden and Richmond where some of the world’s most amazing fossils are still being found. Australia’s Dinosaur Trail is a rare adventure that takes you across Queensland’s stunning Outback. The trail leads you to not just Winton, but on to Hughenden and Richmond which are also alive with dinosaur fossil history. A journey along the Dinosaur Trail is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.



Dig the Tropic

Take a geo journey back to Gondwanaland, when Australia was part of a colossal southern continent crawling with extraordinary creatures. As the earth shifted in a gradual, sensational, evolution of the land, Queensland edged closer to its current position along the Tropic of Capricorn. Dig the Tropic showcases the results of an incredible geo journey that has seen species irradiated, sceneries transformed, and time buried in layers and folds.



Matilda Highway

Stretching more than 1700 kilometres from Bourke to Karumba on the Gulf of Carpentaria, the Matilda Highway is custom-made for travellers searching for a taste of the Outback with all of its unique heritage, legendary hospitality and friendliness. 



The Outback Way

The Outback Highway is the world’s longest shortcut, extending 2,750km from Winton, Queensland via central Australia to Laverton, Western Australia. As a self-drive route it passes through central Australia’s deserts, Uluru, The Olga’s, Alice Springs and a swag of other fascinating places.