4 Day Itinerary

4 Day Itinerary

Ready to come a-Waltzing?

To dig into Australia's roots?

The next four days will have you and the family uncovering Australia’s history amongst rugged wilderness without even opening a textbook. Welcome to a classroom of a better kind.

Australian history runs through the veins of Winton, from the ochre red soil below to the walls of the grand-old pubs that line the streets.

Grab your Akubra, a set of wheels and pack the kids; you’re in for one fun-filled history lesson — bet you haven’t believed that before. 


Thinking about making the journey?

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What's in store on your journey?

Some key highlights of the journey - but come out and experience Winton to find even more hidden gems.

  • Dig up Winton’s ancient history

    Your first history lesson begins at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs. A natural history museum, home to the world’s largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils!

  • 360-degree view of the blazing sunset

    A tour to the Rangeland Rifts for sundown will be sure to put the whole family in awe.

  • Waltz down memory lane with Matilda

    Visit the iconic Cambo Waterhole - famous for inspiring the words to the ballad which captured the spirit of Australia – Waltzing Matilda

  • A multi-sensory experience of the Waltzing Matilda story

    Continue your history lesson of the bush ballad in Winton at the Waltzing Matilda Centre, the first museum in the world dedicated to a song.

  • Unearth a dinosaur stampede

    If your mini-palaeontologists are wanting to uncover more of Winton’s past, come explore Lark Quarry.

  • Step back in time

    Opal studs the veins of Winton, so we won’t be surprised if the glisten of an opal catches your eye. Check out the gems from the nearby mines and free fossicking pits.