Middleton is known for its pub. In fact, that’s all there is at Middleton these days! Located 164 kilometres along the Winton-Boulia Road. Middleton made history in 1862, when the first white men, McKinlay and his search party for Burke and Wills, explored the area. Middleton later became the site of the Middleton Hotel in 1876 and was a Cobb & Co. changing station until the service ceased in 1915. The small town that grew up around the hotel has since disappeared, leaving the Middleton Hotel with the distinction of being one of the most isolated pubs in Queensland. Cheers to that! You can still stop off for a drink at the Middleton Hotel and the drive there is unforgettable. The scenery is absolutely spectacular, make sure you take a pit stop at Cawnpore Lookout!

Cabin accommodation is available, or check in to the 'Hilton Hotel', the free campground across the road.


To find out information about accommodation in Middleton, please click here.

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