Winton Historic Cemetery

Winton Historic Cemetery


The Winton Historic Cemetery is situated in Cork Street, at the western end of town.

The Winton Historic Cemetery was established in around 1876, with records starting around the 17th June 1881. Prior to 1890, there were in excess of 150 burials, mostly in unmarked graves.

On the 24th May 1890, Grave Number 1 was allocated to Mr John Madigan, a saddler of Winton who died of Typhoid.

In 1929, a special area was allocated for the interment of ex-servicemen and women (RSL Section), with the first burial taking place on 7th June, 1929.

In October of 1934, the QANTAS plane 'Atalanta' crashed on Apsley Station killing the pilot and two passengers. The pilot, Norman Chapman, was buried in the private section of the cemetery until exhumed on 4th March 1936 and taken by his family. One of the passengers, William Mcknoe, who was a sandalwood buyer, is buried in the RSL section.

The Lawn Cemetery was established in 2002, with the first burial taking place on the 22nd November 2002. The Lawn Cemetery was extended in 2012. Work included the enhancement of landscaping and the construction of the town's first Columbarium. This gives locals and ex-locals the opportunity to have their ashes returned to Winton.

In order to compliment and support the families who lose friends and relatives, the Winton Shire Council introduced a "Funeral and Undertaker Service" booklet in June 2014.

Additional development of the Cemetery was completed in November 2014 with the extension of the self-guided walking tour of prominent people buried in the Cemetery, and the production of this booklet, the "Winton Historic Cemetery - A Self-Guided Walking Tour". The booklet provides details of 32 individuals that have all played a role in developing this rich history that engulfs Winton. This booklet was compiled with the efforts of the Shire Beautification and Cemetery Advisory Committee. Please pick up a copy of the booklet from the Visitor Information Centre or from the mailbox at the main entrance to the Winton Cemetery or download it from the below link.

The Cemetery grounds continue to be serviced and maintained by Council's Parks and Gardens staff, in conjunction with the Work Camp Corrective Services personnel.