Bladensburg National Park

Bladensburg National Park


Bladensburg National Park is situated just 7km from Winton township and was once Bladensburg station, one of the original grazing properties established in Winton in the late 19th Century. The property was officially gazetted as a National Park in 1994, and now offers the public a snapshot of station history at the old Homestead and surrounding buildings and Shearing Shed, as well as a concentrated and beautiful collection of Winton’s landscapes and myriad wildlife.

The Park conserves approximately 85,000ha of Mitchell and Flinders grass downs and Channel Country, flat topped mesas, plateaus and residual sandstone ranges provide a beautiful backdrop. Visitors are welcome to camp at Bough Shed Hole, a popular swimming spot, or stop off for a picnic lunch at Engine Hole. Bough Shed Hole is equipped with bush toilets.

Bird watching is a popular activity in this park with a variety of birds to look for – emu, brolga, bustard, Hall’s babbler and spotted bowerbird, to name a few. Marsupials such as larger red and eastern grey kangaroos, wallaroos and native marsupial mice are also present.

For a more adventurous trip into the National Park, visitors can pick up a brochure and travel the Route of the River Gum, delving further into the history of the area, or go to Scrammy Gorge.

Bladensburg National Park is accessible via partially unsealed road. In fair weather, conventional vehicles can access the Park and Route of the River Gum, although the route to Scrammy Gorge is high clearance 4WD only. Please ensure to check road conditions with Queensland Parks and Wildlife or the Winton Visitor Information Centre before visiting the park. For further information about the amenities at Bladensburg National Park, please visit the Queensland Parks and Wildlife webpage.

And remember: take only photos and leave only footprints!