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Winton has a rich history as the birthplace of Waltzing Matilda and QANTAS and links to the Great Shearers' Strike of 1891, but is just as well known today for something far more ancient...DINOSAURS!

The region is home to diverse natural history and spectacular landscapes: rolling Mitchell Grass Downs suddenly interrupted by mesa formations, starkly beautiful red earth and spinifex country, and Channel Country, undulating plains as far as the eye can see. This is big sky country.

There are four main towns in our region. Winton, is located in Central Western Queensland on the Landsborough Highway, 178 kilometres north-west of Longreach; 470 kilometres south-east of Mount Isa and approximately 1,500 kilometres from Brisbane. The three other towns are Opalton, Corfield and Middleton - all located in the vicinity.

If you want to speak to an expert on the Winton area call the Visitor Information Centre on 1300 665 115, open 7 days a week. Our friendly staff can tell you about the local area, accommodation options, and help you book tours in the Shire.

History of Winton Shire

Winton has a rich history with links to the Great Shearers' Strike, Waltzing Matilda and Qantas...

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Towns of Winton Shire

Winton Shire incorporates the settlements of Middleton, Corfield and Opalton...

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Birthplace of Qantas

The local saying about QANTAS is that it was conceived in Cloncurry, born in Winton and grew up in Longreach...

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Artesian Bore Water

Winton is situated on the Great Artesian Basin, one of the largest artesian groundwater basins in the world...

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