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As part of Winton Shire Councils commitment to servicing the community, Winton Shire Council officers will be working with Air Scour Contractors Flo-Max to clean the water mains in your area. This may result in interruption to the water supply at your property for approximately 3 hours duration between the hours of:    

7.00am to 6.00pm generally on one of the following days:

16th / 01 / 2017

17th / 01 / 2017

18th / 01 / 2017

19th / 01 / 2017


The officers cleaning the water mains do not necessarily have to be in your street or at your property to clean the mains. So if you do not see the officers, it does not mean that they are not carrying out any works.


What do I do if I require continuous supply of water for my business ?

Contact us immediately on the following number if the proposed shut down will have any adverse affects on the running of your business.   Barney Rafferty  0408185318


How will I get water for my house during that day ?  

Prior to the interruption, you should store sufficient water for your day’s needs. For convenience, water can be stored in the bath and in containers.


Will my washing become stained ? 

To minimize the risk, please reduce the use of water by washing your clothing after the water mains are finished being cleaned. For the next few days, please check your water by allowing the tap to run for a short time prior to use.


What do I do when the water is restored ?.

Run a small quantity of water from each tap on your property until there is a continuous clear flow from each one


How can I get some advise or clarification on what is happening or what to do?

If you require more information please contact the service delivery staff on the phone numbers indicated below.


FLO MAX: Barney Rafferty  0408185318; Andrew Simpson  0456616040.

WINTON SHIRE COUNCIL: Richard Sheedy 0417036370; Merv Sale 0427570110.


We regret any inconvenience this work may cause you, and thank you for your patience and co-operation.