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Winton is located in Central Western Queensland on the Landsborough Highway, 178 kilometres north-west of Longreach, 470 kilometres south-east of Mount Isa and approximately 1,353 kilometres from Brisbane City.


Winton is home to diverse landscapes: rolling Mitchell Grass Downs suddenly interrupted by mesa formations, starkly beautiful red earth and spinifex country, and Channel Country, undulating plains as far as the eye can see with a myriad of dry channels, waiting for the wet season.

There is so much to see and do, don't just drive through, come and experience true western hospitality in the Bouldar Opal capital of the world.

Once you have been bitten by the western bug, you will always come back.

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Current Promotions and Announcements Current Promotions and Announcements


The Dinosaur Stampede at Lark Quarry Conservation Park is closed until further notice. The Winton Shire Council is undertaking a major refurbishment of the facility, with work planned for completion by June 30th 2015.

Winton Shire Council is pleased to announce that building construction company NF Corbett P/L were successful following an extensive tender process.

Council looks forward to working with NF Corbett P/L to complete a successful refurbishment of the Lark Quarry complex that will not only secure the safety of the complex but offer an enhanced visitor experience.

Lark Quarry is 111 kilometres west of Winton and home to the site of one of the few dinosaur stampedes anywhere in the world. The tracks lay undisturbed and pristine for 95 million years until the early 1960’s.

The Lark Quarry Conservation Park will be open for business in the second half of 2015, providing an improved facility for all to enjoy.