North Gregory Hotel

The first North Gregory Hotel was built by Corfield & Fitzmaurice in 1878, and legend has it that on April 6th, 1895, it was the site of the first public performance of ‘Waltzing Matilda’. The Hotel has been destroyed by fire three times, the latest in 1946.

Old Cork Homestead Ruins

The ruins of the homestead at Old Cork are part of Winton’s Pioneer Trail, 126km south-west of Winton. It is a vintage sandstone homestead of one of the original properties in the Winton Shire. The property was settled in the 1870s and was the mail distribution point before Winton was established.

Opal Walk

This is a glimpse of an opal mine with the story of how opal was mined at Opalton and fascinating displays from the life of the opal miners.

Pelican Waterhole

Pelican Waterhole was the original name of the settlement of Winton, and the original settlement was situated about one and a half kilometres from Winton.

Qantilda Museum

Operating since 1972, The Qantilda Museum was part of the Waltzing Matilda Centre complex. Newly re-opened after the fire, a visit to the Qantilda Museum is an essential Winton experience.

Rangeland Rifts

The Rangeland Rifts are situated about 13 kilometres north of Winton on the Hughenden-Winton Kennedy Developmental Road. The Rifts consist of the most amazing rock formation caused by natural erosion, which have formed corridors and cave. Fairy bats can sometimes be seen clinging to the rock walls of these corridors.

Royal Open Air Theatre

Originally established in 1918, the historic Royal Theatre offers a rare opportunity to enjoy the movies the old-fashioned way – laid back in canvas seats under the stars. The Open Air Theatre is now also home to the World’s Largest Deck Chair.

The Winton Club

The Winton Club was first founded in1913. The first building was a rented cottage, which burnt down in 1916. A new building was erected, with various additions happening over the years.

Waltzing Matilda Centre

The Waltzing Matilda Centre is the first museum in the world dedicated to a song. ‘Waltzing Matilda’ was written by ‘Banjo’ Paterson whilst holidaying on Dagworth Station. Legend has it that this song was first performed in public at the North Gregory Hotel.

Willie Mar's Fruit & Vegetable Shop and Market Garden

Willie Mar’s Fruit and Vegetable Shop and Market Garden was the longest operating Chinese market garden and shop left remaining on the edge of any Western Queensland town. Its presence serves as a reminder of the long association Chinese settlers had with the Central West and the significant contribution they made to the health of communities.
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