Winton Ambulance
The Ambulance is located on the corner of Werna and Cork Street.

  • Phone: (07) 4657 1100

Winton Fire Brigade
The Winton Fire Brigade is located on 69 Vindex Street (between the Police Station and the Shire Council Office).

  • To sound the fire alarm please phone: 000

Winton Hospital
The hosital is located on Bloomfield Street behind the Winton Medical Centre.

  • Phone: (07) 4657 2700

Winton Police
The Winton Police are located on the corner of Vindex and Oondooroo Street. 

  • Phone: (07) 4657 1200

State Emergency Service (SES)
The Shire's State Emergency Service (SES) is operated through Mr Bill Thompson who can be contacted on the following numbers:

  • Phone: 132 500
  • Mobile: 0428 571 504